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Hello fellow Avatars!

It has been a very long time since our last update here on Tumblr and we sincerely apologize for it! 

Now that it is the summer before the next school year begins, it also means time to start FRESH. We have updated the format of our Tumblr page so feel free to take a look and give us your feedback.

From now on, we will be updating all of our Social Media more regularly, using Tumblr as our main outlet of communication (besides email) with our fellow Key Clubbers. Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Alrightys, that will be it for now. Have a sunkissed rest of the summer :D!

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April News/Announcements

Hey everyone!

Long time no talk :). 
A quick thank you to everyone for their commitment and dedication towards Key Club, the school, and our community for the past few months! You guys have no idea how wonderful you are.
Special shout out to Ava Cruse and Alyssa Wong for the beautiful cut-outs that they made for Elephant and Piggy Day! Stop by the Newark Library some time and admire those cut-outs. You guys are fantastic and super talented.
Now on to news…
1) Library Coins Program
Beginning since this past Saturday, Newark Library has started a program on what is known as LIBRARY COINS. Basically, children are to submit reading logs and are rewarded with coins in which can be later used at the auction or shopping time (toys, candies, and other fun items will be won!). We will be needing 1-3 volunteers from Tuesday to Friday, and some Saturdays too, from now until May 2nd to help children trade in their reading logs for coins. Sign up for a shift NOW here! 
2) Ducks for Bucks
For more info, please visit
TAGGING- We will be needing volunteers to help with labeling all of the ducks needed at the Duck Race
Date: Wednesday, April 23
Time: 5 to 7:30 pm
Place: League of Volunteers on Central Ave in Newark
RACE- Volunteers will be needed to help set up, monitor the booths, help out with the carnival games, and clean up
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (shifts are available)
Place: Lake Elizabeth
Online sign-up forms will be sent out within the next week.
3) Fundraising Week
Thank you so much to those who have supported the Key Club Fundraising Week of bows and bow ties from last week. If you ordered one yourself, please check this spreadsheet to confirm your order. If there are any mistakes, please let me know ASAP. Deliveries will be made AFTER Spring Break unless otherwise noted. 
4) Crew Neck Orders
To all of those who have paid $20 for a crew neck, your crew neck will not be coming until at the earliest, late April early May. An email will be sent out to everyone once the orders arrive. If you have any questions/concerns, please contact me.
5) A message from our LTG Austin Quach…

Interested in learning more about community empowerment and leadership development? This event is the one for you!

APALI Youth Leadership Summit seeks to empower the youth of Eastside San Jose by creating a nurturing yet thought provoking space to share and understand the connection of our personal experiences to history, community and civic engagement. There will be workshops on topics such as a Summer Youth Leadership Academy, UC transferable credit, and so much more!

***Attendees will receive FREE food and gifts.***

Come to this awesome event and learn more about how YOU can make a difference in your community. See you all there!

Information in registration can be found on the event page below.

6) A message from our AHS Key Club President-Elect Jacky Tsang…


With DCON coming up, it is time to have new appointed officers! Applications will be DUE on April 18th at 11:59pm. You must also be an OFFICIAL Key Club member to apply! Message me if you have any additional questions!

Good luck to you all!

That’s it for now folks! DCON is this weekend! Let’s wish all of our AHS attendees a safe journey to Sacramento and the best time of their liveeeees.
Flying into service,
Chloris Li
AHS Key Club President 2013-14
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Meeting Recap + LTG BANQUET (and others…)

Thank you everyone who came to the meeting today! Here’s a quick recap of what was discussed. 

MARCH DCM/ LTG BANQUET (very fun, highly recommended, will have a great time guaranteed

Date: Saturday 3/29 (5:30 pm for DCM; 6:00 pm for Banquet)
Place: Roosevelt Community Center in San Jose
**If you are planning on going to the banquet which I recommend to all of you, please sign up here NOW. You are going to have the time of your life, trust me.**
For more info, please visit

Newark Library: Library Coins
Newark Library is offering a reading log program for children throughout the month of April. Children will be rewarded coins depending on the number of pages they read. At the end of the month, those coins may be used at an auction or for shopping!
- Coin Labeling- Volunteers needed Tuesday, 4/1 (5:30 pm to 6:00 pm)
- Coin/Reading Log Exchange- Volunteers needed on a daily basis. To view available shifts, please visit or sign up at
- Auction Day- Approximately 15 volunteers for Saturday, 5/3
- Make Up Shopping Day- Approximately 10 volunteers for Saturday, 5/17

Ducks for Bucks
An annual Fremont Kiwanis Club event, Ducks for Bucks is a great event for people of all ages to have fun and help make a difference in the community! Rubber ducks will be raced across the lake and it is an event not to be forgotten!

Tagging (labeling numbers on the ducks)
Date: Wednesday, 4/23 (5-7:30 pm)
Place: LOV in Newark

Duck Race (actual event date)
Date: Saturday, 4/26 (8:30 am-4:00 pm)
Place: Lake Elizabeth
**Please contact me if you are interested on attending.

Please pay $20 to Room 522 by next Monday, August 31st! Checks may be made payable to American High School Key Club. PLEASE ALSO CONFIRM WITH CHLORIS to check if the sizes are listed correctly on the spreadsheet listed below. Thanks~

Still interested in helping organize future events? Contact Chloris either thru Fb message or! If you have any other questions, feel free to contact any officer too [=


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Elections Caucus
Time: Wednesday, March 12th 
Place: Theater 50
We will be voting for next year’s Key Club executive council (Prez, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor). Candidates will be giving speeches and there will be a short Q&A session to ask them questions regarding Key Club. Although you must be an official member to vote, EVERYONE WELCOME TO COME TO THE MEETING. 

Here is the Officer Candidates Handbook. You will be able to preview all of the candidates and read their applications!

Bulletin Editor Position Opened
Due to a low number of applicants for the bulletin editor position, we are once again opening up this position to everyone. Please contact Chloris at or through Facebook if you are interested in running for Bulletin Editor BEFORE the caucus meeting on Wednesday.

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KEY<3 Crewnecks Orders Are Opened

Remember how we opened up an “Interest List” for those who wanted to purchase a Key Club crew neck? Well guess what?! WE REACHED 50 YAYYYY. Here is a list of everyone who signed up for a crew neck If you have signed up for one, please CONFIRM WITH YOUR GRADE REPS OR CHLORIS so that you will be purchasing one and if any changes are to be made, please also let us know. Otherwise, we will assume that you are purchasing one. If you are still interested in purchasing a crew neck, please sign up here: and also confirm with us. The deadline for confirmations will be March 29th at 11:59 pm!

We are officially setting the cost to be $20. Please pay your cash or check (payable to American High School Key Club) to Room 522 as soon as you are sure of purchasing a crew neck (payment deadline is also March 29th).

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Upcoming Events

MHS KC & Youth Advisory Commission presents “Straight Aces” Charity Dinner
When: Saturday, March 15th, 2014
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Place: Milpitas Senior Center
Address: 40 N. Milpitas Blvd., Milpitas CA 95035
Price: $12 pre-sale/ $15 at-the-door
Dress Code: Semi-formal
All proceeds go to Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP)

Everyone from Division 12 East is welcomed! Come for a night of casino-styled ice breakers, games, food, performances, and great people ! Please visit for more info. If you are interested on attending, please contact Chloris at or thru Facebook. Tickets will also be sold at the caucus meeting this Wednesday!

Organizing Events
Next month, we will be having some large events happening at Newark Library and we need your help! If you are interested in organizing future Key Club events, please contact your grade reps or Chloris!

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NO Meeting

Hey everyone! Just to avoid any possible confusions, there is NO general meeting tomorrow!

Happy Thursday (:

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Crab Feed!!!

An email has been sent out for those volunteering at the Crab Feed! If you are still interested in volunteering, please contact Thanks!

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Volunteer Event + Executive Officer Applications

AHS Key Club will be volunteering at the Fremont Senior Center 7th Annual Crab Feed! This event will be taking place on Friday, Feb. 21st from 3:30 to 9:30 pm. If you are interested or would like more info, please visit: DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS THIS WEDNESDAY AT 11:59 PM.

The time of the year has once again arrived!
As mentioned at the previous general meeting, the terms for Key Club officers actually begin and end at the date of District Convention (DCON) which is April this year. According to club bylaws, each club is required to host elections during the month of February. 

If you are interested in being Key Club PRESIDENT, VP, SECRETARY, TREASURER, OR BULLETIN EDITOR for the 2014-15 school year, here is what you will need to do:

1) Fill out this application by Friday, Feb. 14th at 11:59 pm- Late applications will NOT be accepted.
2) Send a head shot of yourself to by Friday, Feb. 14th at 11:59 pm. Once again, you must send one in ON TIME if you are planning to run.
3) Prepare a 1- to 1.5- minute speech and make yourself ready for a 2-minute Q&A session at our next general meeting which will be Friday, Feb. 21st at lunch in Th. 50.

If you have any questions, please email Once again, DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY. Good luck~

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Conclave 2014

If you are still interested on attending Conclave (this Saturday at 1 pm in San Jose), please contact an officer before 3 pm tomorrow either through person, phone, or text. THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO WISH TO RUN FOR AN OFFICER POSITION. Thank you and good night!

(Prices will go up after tomorrow)

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1/30/14 Key Club Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who could make it to the meeting today! To those who could not, fear not because we will tell you right now.

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